all my puny sorrows

What a book. Miriam Toews tackles the touchy subjects of depression and suicide with a deft ability, taking us through the helplessness and desperation of loving someone who cannot embrace life. This story was sad – so sad – and also filled with a sort of hope and love of life. There was humour and […]

The Brontes

I just finished reading Juliet Barker’s biography The Brontes and am feeling a little time travel weariness. I look outside and I’m in the mid-nineteenth century, filled with consumption and spinsterhood and political turmoil, and then I go and turn on a light with this magical thing called electricity and bam! back into the twenty first century […]

Fur Elise

If you are or ever were a piano teacher, you would look at that title and shudder. Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” is one of the most played, most practiced, most sought after pieces that just … never … goes … away. Even after a student has finished the piece, you will hear it whenever they are […]