Breathing is highly underrated

So, I’ve been sick. Probably the worst I can remember as an adult. Viral laryngitis doesn’t actually sound that bad and I’m sure if someone had told me they had been laid up by, of all things, laryngitis I would have told them to suck it up but I would have been WRONG. Incorrect, mistaken, big red X, wrong. It started on August 13 and I am actually thinking I am getting better now, although my voice isn’t back yet and I still have crazy coughing fits. At least I can breathe without fighting to force air through my inflamed and swollen trachea. I have been walking around the house at the speed I walked down the aisle during my wedding. Yes, I’ve been pacing myself to Palchabel’s Canon in D. How frustrating is it? Very. Anything more strenuous had me gasping for breath and taking 15 minutes to recover. Needless to say, housework is far, far behind and the boys are wearing clothes 2 sizes too small because Mama hasn’t had the energy to keep up with the laundry or the strength to carry a basket full of clothes. But I’m on the mend! So dust bunnies, beware – I’m on the hunt once again.

Of course the summer hasn’t been all about sickness.

Camping at Moberly Lake.

Marveling at how high Moberly Lake is.

Reconnecting with cousins and nature.

Enjoying the nightly fireside visit and sunflower seed war.

Holding the newest member of the clan (and wearing pink!).

Watching Titus get outgrown by Dad’s canola field.

Attending the wedding of two incredible people, Amy and Cory.

Getting almost outgrown by Caleb.

Spending time with family who are friends.

Ethan and his big muscles at an outdoor pool.

Climbing the big Manitoba trees.

Watching my dad win all 3 drag races in his red Camaro during amateur night.

Summer has been fun. Yes, we had to go to Manitoba in order to find some actual summer weather, but we made the most of it while we were there. I’m still peeling! The kids have seen all their cousins and are thrilled with the two new ones that just joined the ranks. We planted grass in front of our house which is taking its sweet time coming, but at least we know it’s there. We are getting things done around the yard and house that are necessary. And I got to read many new books during my enforced convalescence!


2 thoughts on “Breathing is highly underrated

  1. I’m sooo glad that you are finally feeling better. It’s hard being that sick for that long. Don’t worry about the house too much, the cleaning will get done sometime.
    It’s exciting to hear that you have some green grass coming up in the front yard. That will look great!
    Hope you enjoy the last weekend before the boys go back to school.

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