So, I’ve got this boy…

We were downstairs, trying to hook up a printer to the old computer, when he spoke up. “Mom, I wish I was adopted.” I was a little shocked. “Really? Why?” “I want to be Riley and Kyle’s brother.” “But then I wouldn’t be your Mommy. Don’t you want me to be your Mom?” Titus looked […]


We have sold our house! I think it was the freshly baked apple pie that did it, but who knows. They had also given me a full day to get the place all spick and span (I wonder where that term comes from?) and so it was looking mighty fine that day. The final remnants […]

Birthday #10

Caleb’s ten. That’s right, the big one-oh. He’s growing into such a good, responsible (except when homework is involved) boy, loving and sweet and quirky. What kind of child does not eat sauce? No gravy, no mayonnaise, no dip for his chicken fingers, which is all he’ll order from a restaurant. Definitely takes after me […]