all my puny sorrows

What a book. Miriam Toews tackles the touchy subjects of depression and suicide with a deft ability, taking us through the helplessness and desperation of loving someone who cannot embrace life. This story was sad – so sad – and also filled with a sort of hope and love of life. There was humour and […]

The Brontes

I just finished reading Juliet Barker’s biography The Brontes and am feeling a little time travel weariness. I look outside and I’m in the mid-nineteenth century, filled with consumption and spinsterhood and political turmoil, and then I go and turn on a light with this magical thing called electricity and bam! back into the twenty first century […]

Typical Female

Can I confess something to you? I don’t necessarily like going with the flow. In fact, I can be quite contrary. Oh, not in everything, but in some very specific ways I’ve always had a hard time doing what others thought I should,  the way they think I should do it. That tendency becomes exaggerated […]