Knitting Report 2009/2010

Toques I made for some crazy kids.

Pattern – Turn a Square by Jared Flood

Toque I made for brother-in-law Dan in 2009 that turned out too small and had diesel fuel spilled on it. Therefore, it turned into another toque for us.

Pattern – Geometric Hat by Vanessa Ewing

Another sweater for me, extra large (again) with a hood I will never use. But cozy.

Pattern – Hooded Jacket-Gracia by Debbie Bliss


Fingerless gloves that I love to wear. They took a wee bit of mocking from the husband, but now he declares they are “pretty cool.” Which means they must rock.

Pattern – Sourwood Mountain by Erica Jackofsky

A pair of socks for myself. I don’t love the colors, but they are functional and I feel no hesitation about throwing them into the washing machine.

Pattern – Harris Tweed Socks by Ali Green

“Mom, why don’t you ever knit for us? Can you make me a sweater?” I kinda thought the coolness factor of a home knit sweater was next to nil, but who am I to deny a request! Caleb claims it is super warm and wanted an orange zipper but settled for red when orange proved elusive.

Pattern – 85-2 a-Pullover in Alaska by Drops Design, modified into a cardigan

A Christmas present for Mom, some socks. I love the colors on these and realized after I was done that I did part of the pattern a wee bit wrong, but I was consistent and did it wrong the entire way through so it doesn’t matter.

Pattern – Hedera by Cookie A.

Mittens for me, made to match a scarf that as of yet is pictureless. I love these, and feel a little thrill every time I wear them.

Pattern – Emma’s Mittens by Minh Hoang


Next on the production line is a sweater for Ethan that has turned into a nightmare and a pair of socks for myself. Pictures to follow (hopefully less than two years from now, but no promises!).