Travel Tales

California looks a lot closer on the map. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that many days sitting in the vehicle, watching the scenery whoosh by, being fascinated by (almost) all of it. I think my butt is still a little numb from the drive home. It took four good days of driving to make it back up to Dawson Creek from San Diego, and on the way I read my children a book. My most favorite, most beloved book of all time. Anne of Green Gables.

Yes, I know I have three sons and a husband, still I yearned to share this book with my boys. I didn’t think I ‘d get them to read it on their own, so being trapped in the truck together for eight, nine, and ten hour days made the introduction between my family and Anne possible. I don’t know why, but Anne has always fascinated me and I have longed to be like her. Alas, my true nature is more like Diana, but I think I can be content with that for Diana was much loved by Anne. Reading through the book yet again brought back memories of the first time I stayed up at night, enthralled by words on a page. Reading it aloud was new and made me realize even more fully how much Anne could chatter on and on. In fact, my voice closely resembles a frog’s croaking because of it today.



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