Really? October? Already?

Yes, it is October. The trees are going from beautiful to skeleton-like and there has been frost! yes, frost at night. Not to be unexpected, unless you are like me and the world seems to have sped up 10% since last year. Did summer actually happen? It must have, but I don’t know where I was during it. Oh, that’s right, spending all my time and brain power on finishing this house up to the bank’s standards. We now have a garage, a deck, and a house that doesn’t have a big crack running through the middle where it joins together. Definitely all needed things, but very time consuming and summer stealing. We had to put our vacation on hold until October, but I’m thinking that was a blessing in disguise since Disneyland (you heard me right, I said DISNEYLAND!!!) won’t be so busy at this time of year. We are driving down with the trailer, planning on doing a little sightseeing along the way.

Speaking of sightseeing, we did a little in our own back yard, so to speak, and went out to Kinuseo Falls by Tumbler Ridge. Very cool. The boys loved it.


One thought on “Really? October? Already?

  1. Glad that you got all that work done in the house. It must be a relief. Are you counting down days now until Disneyland. I know we would be in our house.

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