I wanted to keep them for myself…

Last summer I knit a pair of socks for a Christmas present. They were for my sister-in-law who has the same size feet as I do (at least according to my brother) and of course I had to put them on just to make sure they fit. Now, as a general Carmen rule, pink is banned from my wardrobe, simply because I don’t like it. I’m not a pink person. These socks, however, were great. The pattern was called Primavera Socks by Natalja and I made them out of Paton’s Stretch Sock yarn in Sugar which I loved knitting with. I am definitely buying more because it worked up so well. And the pink? Well, I might have gotten a little used to it after seeing it on the needles for a month or two. Just don’t tell anyone.

Sugar Primavera Socks

Sugar Primavera Sock close-up


2 thoughts on “I wanted to keep them for myself…

  1. Carmen, I love my Christmas socks—thanks so much for giving them to me even though they took many hours to make. You are an amazing daughter!!! i love you!

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