Has it really been four months?

So much for posting once a month, much less once a week! I blame all it on all the things that I blamed it on in the last post. And I’m not going to bring it up anymore.

So, we have a house. And half a garage. Today my DH and I (DH=Dear Husband for the uninitiated) are planning on working on the garage roof, either tar papering what we have already done (and by “we” I mean “he”) or sheeting the rest. Things are getting done.

The House

The House. I haven’t named it yet.

We have a new puppy. Harley died in an accident last year, and we waited until the weather was warm before going and getting Marley. She’s a golden lab/golden retriever and the boys were so happy when she came. Titus was adamant that we name her Marley, and I was equally adamant that we not, but the three boys ganged up on Luke before I got a chance to head them off, and Marley it is. We also have a cat, Gravy, who is expecting a litter of kittens in summer. Of course, we have various moose around, a fox, a goose who hatched some goslings by our dugout, a few wolves, rabbits, mule deer, white tail deer, and elk. Very cool. And that’s the animal report from our house.


Marley and her lopsided ears.


Gravy trying to find a way off the trusses.

I quit work at Tim Horton’s and feel joyful being home again. I am definitely a homebody and while I enjoyed the people I worked with and for, I am much more at peace in my own domain. I never felt caught up when I was working, and was really growly the evening before I would have to go back to work after my three days off. I’m not saying I don’t get growly now, just not as much.

I think that is all the news for now. Hopefully I’ll be back before another four months have gone by!


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