Fog and the Massey Ferguson

Mornings are being spent cozied inside our teeny moveable home, electric heater aimed at my legs with either knitting or a book in hand and a creamy coffee beside me. I look out to the west and enjoy the sunrise on days that don’t bring snow. If I’m lucky, the deer will be in the hayfield and I can watch them in their never-ending search for sustenance. I know I need to go out and feed the dog, but the warmth inside and the cold outside conspire against me and drain away my motivation. I am not an A-type person. More of a C-type. C for Carmen, C for calm, C for content, C for … cold. Thank goodness for heaters.

The house should be here November 17. Less than 2 weeks. We won’t be able to live in it for a couple of weeks after it arrives – the two halves need to be joined, a furnace and a hot water heater must be installed, basement windows and a door must be put in – but I can sense the close of this chapter of our lives. We have lived in the fifth wheel since June 15. It will have been our home for over 5 months. I can hardly see the future because I’m so blinded by the reality of the present and my surroundings.



At least some things don’t change.


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