home base


Aah, yes. Home. This is where we have spent our summer, and where we will be living until our modular home is ready to be moved onto our basement. Living in a fifth wheel is rather cramped, but we’ve made do. The clutter is driving me insane, but hopefully now that the boys have started school I’ll be able to keep things (toys!) somewhat less underfoot than they have been! They get to take a bus this year and are very excited, which I think will wear off after a week or so of walking down our 600m driveway (it takes 9 1/2 min.) to make it on time for a ride that arrives at 7:20 am.

Summer has been good. Stressful, but fun and busy too. We put the boys into swimming lessons for six weeks, saw an air show, went to drag races, saw my brother Mark and his family, and travelled to Edmonton a couple times. We also added to our little family. Meet Harley.


He is such a fun puppy. Very playful, smart, and generally calm. A little nippy, but what puppy isn’t? We also got a kitten who as of now has no name. He used to be Scamp, but the boys have other ideas. No pictures yet, since the rain hasn’t really let up since we brought him home.

Now that school is beginning, I imagine I’ll probably update quite a bit more often. And yes, Mark, the footings and foundation are poured, though that was an adventure I’ll save for next time. Toodle-loo!


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