Still here!

Just a quick note to say that I’m still alive. Living in an RV with three boys and a husband make for close quarters, but I’m sure it is something the kids will remember the rest of their lives. It keeps raining and our driveway isn’t totally gravelled yet, so we are often stuck here at the top of the hill. No power, no water (except from the water tank on the back of the truck – oh, and the rain) is an interesting way to live. Thankfully we can run our generator when we need to plug something in, although I’m going to have to teach the boys how to start it on their own. I’m tired of running out to it in the rain!


2 thoughts on “Still here!

  1. Your family is cetainly making memories- an unforgetable summer for you all?Pray you are still all ok. Love, Grace

  2. It’s time to update from somewhere, isn’t it? We know that the septic system has been dug and that the powerlines run to the shed. How did digging the basement go? Is it poured yet? I’m such a construction junkie…

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