We have sold our house! I think it was the freshly baked apple pie that did it, but who knows. They had also given me a full day to get the place all spick and span (I wonder where that term comes from?) and so it was looking mighty fine that day. The final remnants of snow had melted off our front lawn, as well. I’m sure all three things helped. A house-selling trifecta, of sorts. Now comes the stress and homelessness. As of today, the plan is to buy a camper of sorts and have an extended camping vacation until the new house is livable. Which better be before the snow flies, or I will be one unhappy mama!

making a driveway

putting in the driveway last fall


building the power shed

working on the power shed

As you can see, we have been doing a bit of work on the land. The driveway needs a bit of finishing and some gravel, but it’s usable. Luke is finishing the power shed today so the hydro people can put in the poles and lines. Things are progressing! Next comes the septic system and water and a basement. Hopefully we get the blueprints from the architect (or, as I like to call him, the blueprint guy) today.

In other non-house related news, I wanted to show you a picture of the sweater I knit. I found the pattern in Vogue Knitting 2007 Holiday and it was called the Reindeer Cardigan. I wasn’t feeling the reindeer, but the rest of the cardigan I rather liked, so I knit it up with a Lion Brand acrylic yarn called Vanna’s Choice in Brick. Of course, I made it too big and it won’t shrink since it’s acrylic, but I’ll still wear it.

non-reindeer cardigan

I am NOT pregnant. Even though it looks like it. 

One quick story to finish off the post. We were in the car, headed for soccer, when Ethan made a sudden exclamation from the back seat. “Mom, I’m not wearing any shorts!” That’s right, my child had run out to the car with his soccer socks and jersey on, sporting his tighty-whitey’s. And didn’t realize it. I could hardly drive back to the house because I laughed so hard. Now, every time we leave, I make sure to ask him if he’s got any pants on, which is apparently getting a little annoying (I think that’s what it means when he rolls his eyes at me). Kids. Gotta love ’em.


Ethan, surprised





One thought on “Sold!

  1. Love this post! The soccer blunder made me die laughing, and I’m so happy for the sale of your house… also feeling the trepidation of needing to be in some sort of permanent abode by the time the snow arrives… I’ll be praying for ‘all things to work together’ and the strength for you as you live in tight quarters with 4x your needed testosterone levels. ps… I’d love to see your blueprints, but not sure how that could work.. keep me posted

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