A Day In The Life Of…


Woke up at 5:55 so I could spend a few minutes with Luke before he left for work.

off to school

Sent three children to school.

snow on fence

Got depressed at the sight of falling snow.

making buns

Punched some dough to some music.


Made a quick trip to town while the dough rose.

tinkling the ivories

After putting buns on pans, I tried out my new Philip Glass music.

school hockey

Went to watch Caleb and Ethan at a school hockey game.

oh, no!

Got a call at the arena that someone was coming to look at the house in 20 minutes. 20 MINUTES!?!


The boys were shocked, too. We went home and cleaned until we couldn’t anymore.


After we were allowed back home, we had supper of borscht and buns.


Then off to church for worship practice.

me and my ipod

Then back home for bed.


3 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of…

  1. That’s one busy day! And since when did you guys put your house up for sale? Does that mean you are building this summer?

    • We put the house up for sale again on the 18th of March and have shown it 3 times since. That’s how many times in total we had people look at it from November to February! We’re getting ready to start building this spring (hopefully).

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