The Winter Blues

Call it what you will – the winter blues, sun-deprivation, hormonal imbalance – but I’ve had a serious case of the funks for the past month or more. It ‘s been rather annoying and getting in the way of enjoying life. February and March tend to do that to me, but this year was the first where I didn’t really have any other excuses to fall back on. I’ve been getting sleep, the kids have been listening (well, as much as they are capable of), nobody has been hating on me (except that one mom in McDonald’s), and life hasn’t been spinning out of control. I just haven’t been fully in the moment, more like in the back of my head telling myself I should really be having fun right now and asking why am I not. But, such is life. You need the downs to truly appreciate the ups, and here’s hoping that I’m climbing out of this particular valley and onto a hill.

A few of the things I’ve done this past month are:

– gone to visit our newest niece in Revelstoke (OK, holding her was bliss, it was baby therapy)

– skied the mountain at Revelstoke 

– forgotten to call various people for their birthdays (that means you, Mom, and Aslynn and my grandma and Alexander and my brother – shame on me)

– been to a beautiful wedding

– drove into snow drifts with the truck

– acquired some beautiful new piano music by Philip Glass

Now we are all caught up, I can continue my regular sporadic programming again. I promise, the next post won’t be so gloomy. And there’ll be pictures. And free candy. Ok, maybe not the candy, but pictures for sure!


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