Birthday #10

Caleb’s ten. That’s right, the big one-oh. He’s growing into such a good, responsible (except when homework is involved) boy, loving and sweet and quirky. What kind of child does not eat sauce? No gravy, no mayonnaise, no dip for his chicken fingers, which is all he’ll order from a restaurant. Definitely takes after me in temperament, Luke in looks. I think he’s had a good birthday. We surprised him with a mini motorbike – in fact, I’m pretty sure he was in shock when he first saw it. Both him and Ethan have been asking for a dirt bike for their birthdays for ages, and Luke and I have always told them point blank “No.” However, through weird circumstance, we acquired one a week-and-a-half ago. He had already asked, we had already given him the standard answer. Therefore, this morning was a bit overwhelming for him to say the least.

Doesn’t it always seem like that when something a person has imagined and longed for comes to fruition? It usually takes me a while to wrap my mind around things. Especially presents that are so much more than I’m expecting, unfortunately for Luke. I don’t scream, I don’t jump around and do dances, I don’t attack him with hugs and kisses, I just sit there and stare blankly at it. Give me a good hour and I’ll start to get excited. Give me a day and it’ll be all I can talk about. But those first moments, well, I’m just too overcome. Caleb, apparently, reacts the exact same way. We got him to sit on the thing and start it, and then Luke put it into gear and told him to drive in circles in the garage. He gave it some gas and managed to sideswipe the big garage door. Was he upset or what! The emotions were there at the surface, boiling over into great big tears and sobs (again, just like his mother!). After school, though, the tune has changed and excitement has set in. He had to show it to his friends and their parents. He’s talking about riding it around our acreage when we move. He’s… just like me. Poor guy!

Thumbs up


One thought on “Birthday #10

  1. Happy Birthday Caleb! Watch out for fences- they jump at you from nowhere.

    I am the same way with overwhelming surprise gifts…I almost get mad at first as if I can’t handle being so happy/excited/shocked gracefully. It takes me a good hour to get with the happy too.

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