The Fun and Games Never End

The nice thing about having kids that don’t go to school? You can take holidays/vacation/family time when everyone else must stay home. I remember those days, leaving Rainbow Lake in the middle of the week when Luke was done his shift and leaving the rest of the families stuck in that isolated town because of school. It was a blessing. Now, of course, we are just as tied down as all those around us. Thankfully we live in civilization now! 

My youngest brother, Luke (yes, same name, different person) and his wife Lindy are in that era of having a family that can roam for the time being since Benjamin is still a baby. And you know, it was nice to be able to have them over for supper when all the craziness of Christmas was over and done with. It’s a sad state of affairs when a gal’s brother has to move a province away before she invites him and his family over for a meal, but that seems to be the way I operate. All went swell. Turkey was good, although I’ve been told by husband Luke that the vegetable dish should never show its face at our table again.

We played Settlers of Catan, which my bro called the Christian Dungeons and Dragons (so true and so funny!). We talked. We put all children to bed and talked and played some more. I could’ve won the game if the deck of cards hadn’t been stacked with Soldiers at the top and Victory points at the bottom. We thought about watching a movie, but the projector decided to be ornery. Luke and Lindy decided God was giving them a sign – go home and sleep. Lindy took Benj out of our room so Luke (the brother) could pack up the playpen and she came out to the living room to get Benj ready to go when suddenly it happened. Benj puked. It was so fast Luke (the husband) and I didn’t even know what had happened. I thought it was a cough. But when Lindy looked up I realized something else was happening. 

“He threw up!’ she exclaimed.

“Baby puke? Or the real stuff?”

“Not baby puke. It’s chunky.”

Luckily her cleavage caught it all and saved my carpet (but not her shirt).  Poor girl. I think she handles that part of being a mom about as well as I do – with much, much gagging.  And I’m sorry I had to write about it, in a blog no less, but I did because I’m so glad it wasn’t me. He must have done it because we were starting to wonder if he was too good to be true. I can now report that he is indeed human.

the little puker*the tiny regurgitater*


2 thoughts on “The Fun and Games Never End

  1. Haha … that’s a funny pic of Benj … but yet so cute! Glad I finially made it into one of your blog stories … as well as my cleavage ;o) Haha … we had a great night too … thanks for the good times!

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