Both Sides Are Fun

I loved making this quilt. Once a person got into it, the blocks came together easily with little thinking except how to make the strips appear random. Of course, Luke kept mentioning that if it was truly random, there would be some blocks where the same fabric was used twice in a row and I couldn’t have that. Sometimes math geek in him comes out just to annoy me!

Red and green side


Black and white side


Luke also mentioned that the black and white side had a hypnotic side effect. Ha! My brain is coming up with nefarious schemes that involve children and a husband who always clean up the messes they leave behind. Do you think it’ll work?


2 thoughts on “Both Sides Are Fun

  1. I love both the quilts. I have never been very handy at sewing even though I do own a sewing machine. My great-grandmother was the best seamstress and quilter I knew. I even have a quilt she made for me some 25 years ago out of her old clothes. I think of her everytime I see the quilt.

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