Back again

Summer’s done, fall is here, and children have been safely deposited in school. Caleb and Ethan were happy to see their friends and catch up on the latest playground news and Titus had his first day of kindergarten last week. He doesn’t start going regularly until next week because of the staggered entry system, so he’s rather bored with only me to converse with. A typical conversation…

Titus: “Mom, can I have some stuff?”

Me: “What kind of stuff?”

Titus: “You know, stuff?”

Me: “No, I don’t know. Stuff to play with? Stuff to eat? Stuff to do?”

Titus: “Your kind of stuff.”

Me: “What’s my kind of stuff?”

Titus: “The stuff you like to do.”

Me: “Like what?”

Titus (in an exasperated tone): “Like draw and stuff like that.”

I really wish I was a mind reader, because we have this type of conversation three or four times a day. Trying to narrow down what he’s getting at is an art. Usually there are various hand motions and plenty of sound effects that “show” me what he is trying to communicate, but those are usually as vague as the conversation. I will admit to pretending to know what he’s talking about just so he’ll stop making me guess! I pity his poor teacher.


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