Tube Ride


After sending the two older boys to camp last week, we visited some friends at their cabin. It was a nice, laid-back weekend with a lot of tubing, barbecuing, visiting, and fireworks. I found out that little girls are very aggressive when it comes to little boys, and was on constant boy/girl watch. I know I was crazy about boys at a young age, but I don’t ever remember fighting over them or having to be in constant contact. Wow! Makes one wonder what goes on at school…




The first night we got there was gorgeous. We took a boat ride to the far end of the lake and enjoyed the sunset after getting the boys toweled off.



Saw some weird birds nesting in dead trees. The local forestry guy (whom we knew from Rainbow Lake) told us the name but I can barely remember the names of the people I meet, much less bird names. Started with a “k” or “c” but that’s all I’ve got. Look at all those nests. I think I counted seven or so in the one tree alone!



Yep, a fun weekend all in all. Even got some knitting done! What more could a girl want?!


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