Learn From My Mistakes, People

There is never a time where it is wise to let your child go unattended to a neighbourhood garage sale with a cool five bucks in his pocket just waiting to be spent. Never. If going to a garage sale must be done, it is always an adult supervised event. Otherwise, said child may come home with two grocery bags full of ratty old shirts, another grocery bag of broken down toys, two cell phone cases for you and your spouse, and a present just for you. Anyone want it? The faster I get it out of sight, the faster he’ll forget about it.


ugly ass clock


4 thoughts on “Learn From My Mistakes, People

  1. Loveit! Why does it say ugly ass clock when I scroll down? appropriate I guess: what an heirloom to pass around come Christmas.

  2. It says “ugly ass clock” because that’s what I named the picture when I put it into WordPress. Didn’t realize others could see it! I think it suits.

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