Fun with Sand

School’s out! The kidlings are home for the summer (except for a brief stay in camp) and the general feeling is one of emancipation. Today’s frivolities consisted of a picnic breakfast, bike riding, bike fixing, skateboarding, golf practice, watermelon slurping, freezie headaches, strawberry chomping, and sand dumping. Sand dumping, you say? Oh, you don’t know what that is? They say pictures are worth a thousand words…


Sand dumping


Notice the form – how Titus holds his shirt open for maximum sandification, how Ethan has to get on tiptoe just to be able to lift the shovel high enough to pour it through the neck hole. Here is another example.


solo sand dumping


What Caleb is demonstrating here is known as the pail dump, or the solo sand dump. Technique is especially difficult to master, as the shirt needs to be held open and the bucket of sand must be dumped at exactly the same time. 

This may motivate me to put a little bit of structure into their summer. Maybe something along the lines of bootcamp? 


One thought on “Fun with Sand

  1. What a brave Mommy you are. Sand dumping of any sort is usually outlawed in our box. (It still happens, as do sand balls thrown against the house, and sand fights.) But it’s outlawed, I envy the ease you have in washing that sand out of those boys hair.

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