Bicycles and Boo-boos

This leg is a great representation of all six such appendages belonging to my sons.  Battered, bruised, and scraped has become the new “it” accessory for summer.  The polysporin and band-aids have been disappearing as rapidly as I bring them into the house, and our new family motto is “Tough it out.”  Of course, anyone below the age of five is exempt and has the freedom to wail for a short time before I get annoyed and resort to said motto.

Titus has started something new these last few weeks.  Whenever he injures himself in some grievous fashion, he starts to call out for whichever parent is not around.  Needless to say, I’ve been hearing “Daddy!” quite a bit around the house.  If Luke is around, he will get “Mommy!” sobbed into his ear while tending each scrape.  I guess we all want what we can’t have!


One thought on “Bicycles and Boo-boos

  1. Good to know that my children’s lower appendages are not the only ones that look like this. As a non crazy biker growing up I can only hope that they don’t scar and leave a white spot for forever.

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